South African Sunset @ FAOR - 090800ZJAN18

Server: Training

Region: South Africa

** Departure Airport**: FAOR

Arrival airport : OMBD

Date : 9 January 2018 / 09/01/18

Time: 0800z

Airline : South African Airways / Emirates

Aircraft: Emirates A380 / B773 /B772 / B77F
South African A340 / A330

ATC GROUND &TOWER : @jdag2004

NOTAM: no gates will be allocated so spawn in wherever there is space please don’t spawn in on someone else. Be concideret of other people please only Emirates and South African planes. Please copy my FPL @pilota and comment down below if you are attending the event so I know what the turn up is going to be like thanks for all the support

PM. Me if you want to do ATC
Both Ground and tower


Please use proper Title format :) to see how visit: About the Events category


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Hi thanks for the feedback I will change it now sorry for the inconvenience

I’ve changed it for you this time, but for future reference please view the thread I posted above :)

Give me a gate Mevrou.

How much hours FAOR-OMDB ?

Around 8 hours depending on winds

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7:30-8:00, not all that long. :)

2 Hours and 40 minutes away! Cannot wait!

Guys please take note that I don’t do ATCA very often, so if I mess up a command please forgive me. :)

ATC is now open at FAOR for the event.

Can i be ATC in OMDB

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