South African Queen

Yesterday I took the South African Queen for a ride to Johannesburg
The flight was really cool with scenery and 747.
I hope you guys enjoy them😄

Flight Information

Aircraft ✈️: 747-200
Livery 🎨: South African Airways
Route 🧭: Cape Town (FACT)-Johannesburg (FAOR)


An unedited shot of the departure from Cape Town
You can see Table Mountain in the back

Edited the time a bit to capture this wonderful sunset shot

On final runway 3R

Waiting to cross runway 3L

Thank you for viewing, hope you guys liked them😊

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Ok, bye😊


Incredible shots!


Thanks mate😊

Awesome photos!

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Thank you my friend👊😄

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Wow! Great pictures… I actually forgot this was in the game. I have to check it out now :D. The first one really captures the beautiful scenery in Cape Town. Well Done!

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Thanks mate, the departure was absolutely beautiful
In fact, all of Africa is beautiful. You just have to explore it

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I never see the 742 in the skies of IF and that is criminal. Such a powerful machine and you’ve really captured its beauty. Great Shots!

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It is a real classic😁

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The first one is 🔥

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I love the shots. I really miss seeing the 742 and 744 flying :(

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Thank you @Alec and @suki1818 😄

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Awesome shots guy very great job !

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Merci beaucoup😊

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