South African Express | JNB-CPT | Mitsubishi CRJ-200

Hey IFC!
The Johannesburg to Cape Town route is regularly served by much larger of a plane than the CRJ, but I don’t get to fly this plane often plus I have recently been doing a ton of 737 for other VAs so this was a good excuse.
Server: Expert

Callsign: UVAL122
The photos are here!
Our ride for today

Zipping out of Jo’burg

Climbing high

And flying high

It’s sad these are being phased out, I’ve had a lot of memories on CRJs

Descending over cool landscape

Oh yeah

Descending into Cape Town

Safe Landing in CPT

I hope y’all enjoyed!


Nice pictures!
Yes, it’s pretty sad that these aircraft are going, especially with bombardier selling off all their aircraft models.

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The decent wingview 🤤

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I’m a South African, and seeing someone posting a flight in my homeland it’s just so… Emotional 😭. Thanks for sharing, very nice shots. Just for future reference, SAA actually flew the A346 and A359 on this route daily. Kulula and Comair use the 738 instead.

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Woah! Big planes! Well, I’m not too surprised, as a lot of airlines operate big planes on short routes because they are very high demand like KSFO-KLAX, KLAX-KJFK or YSSY-YMML. Is SAA retiring just their A340s or also their A330s as well?

SAA doesn’t officially exist anymore. They filed for some chapter of bankruptcy a few months back after collecting many billions of dollars in debt. The government wouldn’t bail them out anymore. But before it all went up in smoke, they had plans to retire the A346 and the A343. However, they were busy installing their new business class cabins and their updated economy cabin on the A333 when it went south for them, but they did not have any plans to retire the 330 in the near future.

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Nice pics!

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so nice!(very beautiful haha)

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