South African CRJ?

Hi Guys,

Over on Laura’s Insta there is a post of FNF at FAOR, and of you take a look in the background you can see a wee CRJ in the SAA livery. Whoop! Can’t wait for the CRJ to be released and ready to fly!


CRJ-700 is my guess?


Please just stay tuned in this thread for an official announcement. This is only all speculation. Thanks!

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Yeah, just thought I would prompt it to be added to the confirmed list.

I don’t think that’s a -200, good spot!

Yeah, well SAA did only have -200 if I’m correct. So that would make sense.

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If the SAA makes its debut on the CRJ, a dedicated photo will confirm it. Until then lets hold off on noting our illusions. 😉

And it’s probably best to keep an eye out on that tracking thread that was linked above. Confirmed liveries are share there