South African Bad times

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-South African Airways was founded in 1934 In 2006 The South African government’s plans called for the separation of South African Airways and its parent company Transnet. The deadline was moved from 2005 to 31 March 2006.…

  • In March 2004, South African Airways announced its application to join Star alliance they ccepted its application in June, with SAA joining as a full member in April 2006.


-Since 2012 South African has made made no benefits.

-In September 2017, SAA began reducing its fleet and expected to cut 23% of its flights.

-Since 2012 SAA survives with Public Money.

-On 16 August 2012, South African ended its twenty-year-old Cape Town toLondon route, due to declining passenger numbers and airport taxes

-In 2015 South African announced to end its non-stop services to beinjing and Mumbai

image Since 2012 SAA is going down and down…

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The Actual Pandemic has reached the Sky and Airlines with it
And sadly turned off some airlines forever

Today South African Airways is in bad times, Guys we may lost one of the biggest Airline in the world.



Oh no! Oh no! This is awful!


Holy bleep. That sucks. I knew they were struggling but I didn’t expect they’d go out like this, without support from the government…
RIP South African.



Do you have a source for this? Just wondering because I can’t find anything about it

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Sad end for this Airline 🥺

Such a shame to see this. I hope they can recover.

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Me too man…

Me too actually. I can’t find anything except the government not aiding them any more, but nothing aside from that. Where did you find this?

French Magazines

This is not official news from what I see. They are planning on liquidating it which is different from bankruptcy

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Also, I’m 2012 it started going up. More people starting flying with them

Rectified thanks

I said that they made no benefits since 2012

Benefits is a different story. You should change the title. They are in bankruptcy protection not bankruptcy

That title is much better

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They better not cease operations

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For sure …

Do we have any sources for this that can be found online?


Sure putting it

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