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minilogothread Current Trailer

Credits to @AslanK

minilogothread Who We Are

Here at South African Airways Virtual, we have a large, friendly, inclusive, and active community. We are a large VA that offers all types of flights. From short, to medium, to long, to ultra-long-haul routes, with a total count of 14 unique aircraft. We are the only current VA based in Africa, and offer routes through Africa that no other VA has. Our ranking system is fair to all pilots and ensures you that you will have a good time at SAAVA.

Want to know more about us. Click here!

minilogothread Our Mission

Our priority goal and the aim is to help pilots improve their flying skills confidently while persisting to be professional in an enjoyable and comfortable environment.

minilogothreadOur Staff

CEO @Owain_G
Deputy CEO @Imran
COO @Ishan_S
Head of Recruitment & Slack Moderator @SAA_A346
Flight Manager @Springbok777
Chief Pilot @sparow
Media Manager @Christoff_Spies
Co-Media Manager @Cpt.TC

minilogothread Our Fleet

SAAVA Aircraft

172 Skyhawk
Dash-8 Q400- SA Express
CRJ-200 - South African Express (Still to come)
CRJ-700 - SA Express
ERJ-190 - Generic
A319 - Generic
A320 - Generic
B737-800 - Generic
A330-300 - Generic
A340-600 - South African Airways
B747-200 - South African Airways
B747-400 - Generic

Codeshared Aircraft

B787 - Ethiopian
B747-200 - Olympic
A320 - Generic
Dash-8 Q400 - Generic
B777-300ER - Singapore Airlines

minilogothread Our Destinations

We have over 200 routes that reach every continent! With more to come!

minilogothread Ranks

We offer seven unique and fair ranks, with special features for every rank. Check them out here!

minilogothread Join Us

We encourage you to join us today, as the journey is about to begin. Join here!

minilogothread Alliances

Current Alliances


Star Virtual Alliance

minilogothread Code Sharing Partners

Current Partners

Aegean Virtual

Singapore Virtual (SVA)

And many more to come!

minilogothread Upcoming Updates

We have more codesharing agreements along the way, with more aircraft, a new trailer, and a little surprise. So stay tuned!

32b4e98789ebf16b8c243baa0202b22d7fff70d8 South African Airways Virtual is IFVARB Approved


Nice thread guys, hope you do well!


Thank you @KingWings!

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Check out this awesome event coming up! Lets get these gates filled up!


Credits to @AslanK for creating our midyear trailer.


Oh boy what a busy few months it has been and is going to be. This is an update of SAA VA’s current state and to inform you we are still active. Currently SAA VA has expanded its fleet welcoming the CRJ-200 SA Express to its fleet, along withe the B767 which will join SAA VA’s historic fleet. SAA VA has its own crewcenter with the addition of a new code share with WWVA (Wow Virtual). Sorry for craming all of this information, unoraganized, its just very busy currently with lots of stress happening.

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SAA VA currently is looking for an event manager. If anyone is interested in becoming a event manager for SAA VA, please message me.

Looks like a great thread! Good luck!

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Thanks @MathAviation7.

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The VA’s code name, has been updated from SAAVA to SAVA. In addition, there is going to be a very special event, that means a lot to the VA, which is coming up fast. Our flight manager @Springbok777 will be posting it with in the next 24 hours, so keep your eyes pealed.

Thank you.


I’m happy to announce our Anniversary Event is up On IFC.
Book your spot now.

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The Tierwaterskloof dam


Absolutely stunning.

And it looks so real! Nice shot @sparow

This is one different livery compared to other A346 in the SAA fleet. Really a site of beauty!
Credit to for the picture.
Aircraft registration: ZS-SNC


1 Year Old 🎉🎉🎉

Today marks a historic point and a huge milestone, as South African Virtual (SAVA) not only is the only African based VA, however, also the first African based VA in IF to hit 1 years old. Thank you to all members of SAVA, and to all thise who have shown there support over the past year, really means a lot to us! Therefore, we look forward to another great year!

Hope to see some of you later today flying SAA in South Africa!


Thank you!


@owain_g always a pleasure

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Flying for the only African VA is quite epic. We fly to places in Africa most airlines don’t and the scenery is the best in the world too!

We also codeshare with other airlines and support Ethiopian Airlines under our banner.

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