South African Airways (Team South African 2012) A340-313



I love that livery and a340! 😍😍


Yup it’s and I love it

Do u know the name of the special livery if yes just pm me

I love these liveries! They are so colourful, they are some of my favourite!

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Team South African 2012, I changed it.

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Thanks I was just changing I check in the internet so big thanks

Looks beautiful!

I have this as a 1:500 limited edition model. I love it!

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I’ve I’ve seen this plane over my school and house but never seen it at an airport…

Don’t worry u will see one days before retirement

They are retired😕

I dont think 💭 They are retiring for now but a few years later maybe

Yea! We can all just hope🙏🏼

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Yup absolutely 🙏🙏

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I really hope we get this plane with global!

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Me too I hope so

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Very nice colours and design

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i’m really love this design.

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Sorry but I’m gonna bump this. I took photos of this plane at O.R Tambo today and it is buetiful!