South African Airways story

You have propably seen all the topics about SAA going bankrupt. It’s true and they have cut routes to only one overseas flight, the smaller aircraft fly in South Africa between Durban, Johannesburg and Cape International.

In this summary of all the havoc I want to shorten everything into one topic.

Now some of you have propably flown on SAA and I have as well. Their service is pretty good. The bankrupcy began at around 2010, also the time that SA got loadshedding, but that’s another story. Today SAA is in real big dept and I mean Trillions.

SAA is also selling almost half of their entire fleet of aircraft including their entire fleet of A340’s. You propably know that SAA bought 4 A350’s to help them get out of dept. It doesn’t look like it…

Today the only route remains between FAOR and New York.

It is really sad to see this amazing airline go down in the dumps, but it is what it is…


Are you sure about this as I see South African Airways flights departing FAOR to other destinations on FR24?

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I’m pretty sure he just means with the A350


This might be the case but apparently isn’t really the case either as at least JNB-FRA is scheduled on the A350 tonight too according to FR24.

Thanks for the hint though!


I stand corrected:)


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