South African Airways bankrupt

South African Airways is the flag carrier of South Africa and in partnership with SA Airlink, Mango Airlines and SA express.They fly short and long haul flight accross the world and nation.South African Airways ran out of money due to contracts, fuel prices and pay rises, now South African Airways is unable to pay their employees though South African Airways is runned by the South African Government though Jacob Zuma(The president of South Africa) has not done anything useful to save South African Airways for South Africa’s infrastructure to grow. Do you think South African Airways will go back on it’s feet again?

I’d hate to see them go out of service. No matter the airline, I would never wish bankruptcy on any.

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That’s sad to see. Also this needs to be real world aviation category.

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Sorry, I also realized. It is my first topic.

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Most airlines that has had a crash in their history go bankrupt.
Example:West Carribean

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