South African Airways B747-400

Hi, fellow community, this will be my final African livery request. A request that I have been really been excited about doing, however, never got the time to get around to it. Now I do.

In the years, 1991-2011, SAA operated a total of eight B747-400’s. These routes covered international routes such as FAOR-KJFK, FAOR-EGLL, etc. Registrations of the following eight B747-400’s SAA operated are listed below.


Moreover, due to the high cost of maintanence, SAA stored or sold their B747-400’s. Even though SAA has retired all its’ B747-400’s, I find the SAA livery the most respectful and powerful on the B747-400. Therefore, when, and only when, there is a rework for the B747 family, I ask to please consider adding the SAA livery to the B747-400. Also another reason is because it was the largest aircraft ever operated by SAA.


it would not be a bad idea but for an aircraft that has retired I do not see why adding this, remembering that in the future the A330 will be redone and I believe that SAA will be added to it, so I’d rather wait and have a new SAA on the airbus, this is just my opinion

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This request was very well stated…👍

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Yes, but we don’t know if/when the A330 will be redone


I hope it’s next year.

I don’t see why this should’t be added. If other airlines have their Queen added to IF why can’t we? It might be outdated but it will be key to stimulate flights on our Historic routes like FACT-KMIA. I’ll find a vote for this because the Queen belongs in the SAA colours too!


Here is another photoshop edit, to see more or less what the SAA livery would look like on B747-400.


That’s an awesome edit!

Looks epic.


With over 400 seats The Queen made heavy passenger routes to and from FAOR a breeze.

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With 4 powerful engines, the 744 got the job done and done right!

Bumping this up

Bumping this up

I can still remember seeing this aircraft on final approach, flying over my house back when it was still in the fleet! #Bump

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Bumping this up there

Sorry I’ve been away for a while. Recently got back into IFC… Was thinking about flying the 744 but then remembered we don’t have the SAA livery on the 744. Can we please get more votes for this iconic queen?

Nice livery. As we don’t have a lot of planes with South African Airways livery.
Also it would be awesome to add the old livery too.



The old livery, I don’t like as much as the new one because it just looks plain and unattractive. It was also the livery during apartheid, which the new livery represents unity; it’s attractive; and it fits nicely on the 747-400. Additionally, it looks like a rip off of the current Singapore Airlines livery 😂.

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I don’t think it looks to bad.


Same. They should buy a B747 and put the retro livery on it! Just like how BA does it…

I love the BOAC one hopping to fly on it in the summer