South African airways Airbus A320 Old Livery

Even though South Africa airways ceased operations (I think) well it used to have the a320 on it’s fleet which have the old livery which used to have a springbok on it and it looks vintage so people would like the try it out but before you say it’s a duplicate the old one got closed since it had so little information


South African airways: South African Airways - Wikipedia

I don’t really like this livery, sorry

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Unexpected Bump (sorry)

Love the tail, but the line running through the middle of the fuselage makes it look unlikable in my opinion.

Agreed, sorry

Why is everyone against cheatlines and old liveries? Certainly better than all the euro-white blandness, swooshes and gradients that are strewn across our skies today…

I support adding more classic liveries like this one, but I’m out of votes!

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Oh trust me, I like classic liveries. This was just doesn’t appeal me. Liveries like this do:

Lots of bad symbolism with that livery. I’d rather vote for other classic liveries or the current SAA A320. In other circumstances, it would have been an extra vote from me.

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@GameBoy_KIRB you didn’t even vote for your own request, what do you expect?

I’m big fan of retro, but just this livery… I just don’t like it…