South African Airways A320

I always feel a bit depressed when I scroll down the A320 livery list and I don’t see one of my favourite liveries available for the A320. The livery in mention is the South African Airway livery for the A320.

Whats your thoughts on this beauty ?

  • Yes , its great!
  • No, we don’t need it !

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I like it, but I could live without it. :)

How could somebody not have requested this before? I love it!

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@jdag2004 , I knew you would love it ! 😂😉

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Haha! Defintaly! We need this livery, like big time!

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I think you mean livery ! 😉

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I knew that! Only joking! Thanks lol

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I like it!


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My sincere apologies , I searched everywhere to find out if my post would be a duplicate, but found nothing . Thanks for finding !

Will request a mod to delete my post now …

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