South African Airlink E-190

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This is my very first livery request. I’m excited about this one because it’s the South African Airlink E-190.

The two E-190 jets operated by SA Airlink was leased from ECC Leasing in January 2017 and forms part of the airline’s daily operations. The configuration for these aircraft allows for 78 passengers at full capacity. This is part of the airline’s strategy to modernize it’s fleet and acquire new aircraft in the process. An additional 8 jets are being sources as the airline phases out their long serving Avro RJ85s.

The E-190’s ETOPS allows for flights to new markets as well as airports like St Helena(FHSH) that’s a 4hour flight from Johannesburg. This E-jet enables Airlink to operate within challenging environments and regions, this includes short field “hot and high” conditions while managing capacity and growth. The airline also operates to 40 destinations in 10 countries

Please help me bring this aircraft livery to Infinite Flight by voting for it. It’s a unique aircraft with unique capabilities servicing airports not many airlines can.

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Great post! Really nice livery as well! Will be sure to give a vote.

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Thank you sir @Owain_G. Hoping for more votes soon!

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Bumping this up for more attention…

Truly the backbone of the thinner routes in Southern Africa…

Seeing this livery in the air will add to Africa’s shortage of liveries in IF.

Please vote and help me bring this beautiful livery to IF.

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I haven’t forgotten about this request. I’ve just been a little busy!
Please vote for this aircraft livery request.
It’s the only one flying to St Helena FHSH and Ascension Island FHAW commercially and that makes this livery unique!

This is a great aircraft with an amazing livery! Thank you for support many past South African liveries such as Mango, Kulula, SAA, and SA Express. However, let’s gather this last support to gain more votes for this beautiful bird.

Here is what the Airlink Erj-190 would look like.


This is an awesome livery edit @Owain_G
Thanks for the effort. Truly appreciate this!

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Let’s give this aircraft some much needed attention. #Bump

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Bumping this up there. Would like to see this livery in Infinite Flight one day.

Beautiful livery! Unfortunately, I don’t see myself freeing up a vote for this.

One of the rather unappreciated regional jets in Africa #bump

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It’s been a while since I’ve updated this post.
The E190 recently acquired by Airlink is the E190 AR version. This allows the airline to operate the E190 in a 2 class configuration with a seating capacity of 98 passengers. #Bump.

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So this taking off at FOAR when I was holding short in the SA A340. Beautiful little bird

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In real Life i mean. Not IF

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Happy landings 😉


It is a beautiful bird. And it has a unique role in the African Aviation industry. SA Airlink is the only airline in Southern Africa that operate it. Kenya Airlines is the other airline but they are more Central African than Southern.

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All good in that case ;) Lovely bird it is btw.

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You have my vote I think that Embraer aircraft in infinite flight need a rework I love these aircraft