South African Airlines A319

As a proud South African, always flying SAA in IF. I would just like to point out a livery in the IF that I find very important since there aren’t that many liveries in IF for SAA, and since everyone else is posting these. @brunocr98 posted a topic like this but was closed in late 2016. I feel that the SAA livery is one of the most beautiful liveries in the world, and SAA is the largest carrier in Africa. If it is possible in the future, I would love to see the SAA livery in the A319,


Please follow the feature request guidelines. One picture and one feature per request.


Ok, thank you will fix.


Looks good now, thanks!

It appears as though the A319 already has a request though.

You should probably change to another aircraft.


in my honest opinion, that livery would look great in infinite flight…we need more multi cultural airlines.
if south African airlines does have special liveries, feel free to request it as infinite flight doesn’t really have many special liveries

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maybe consider the a320

Infinite flight is not doing any special liveries. Possibly something that was voted high, or just a more simple special livery. Both in a rare occasion.

would be nice to have some though…but there are heaps of simple liveries out there

It’s still kind of a rare thing though.

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WHAt about the confirmed Orange Pride 777?

Or maybe all of you guys are going off topic for no reason.

Take it to PM.


@Flawless_Flying I would, but one request at time. There is the A320, B737-8, and A330-330. That will be the next topic I will make.

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Dont forget the A330-200 and the 747-400. Although the B744 is no longer part of the fleet its still a beautiful livery.

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@Owain_G I’d suggest voting for your own request if you want it to be added ;)
Beautiful livery, looks great on the A319


instead of making a topic for the a330, why not add it in to the a330 redevelopment topic

Livery requests are kept seperate from aircraft/rework requests 😉


It was as I said in another topic: It is unfortunate that you can not vote on more topics, because, like this one, there are many good topics in this category. 🙁

Yeah, it is a shame, but…


This aircraft is a real treat in the SAA fleet as it allows the airline to operate to airports with short runways and right spaces.

@Owain_G could you please post that picture you showed me?

Yeah sure @Springbok777. This is what the A319 would look like.