South Africa Activity

What is going on on the Expert Server today??? People are taxing thru each other, flying way too close to other people…violations everywhere. I was ghosted for much less than any of this a few weeks ago; where’s the enforcement?

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If there isn’t active ATC, people are basically left to their own integrity, which many of them seem to lack. In other words, they’ll take advantage of ATC closing and break the rules, at the cost of others.


This is not ok.

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I’m not saying it is, but if ATC isn’t active, there isn’t really much that can be done.

even with active ATC people used oversized aircraft and their wings went thru me,a guy literally was 1 inch behind my butt and no ghost. bruh.

That I can’t help you with. DM the controller if you’d like to critique their methods.

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not worth it. just very annoying…

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