South Africa 747-300 (Ndizani Livery)



I. love. it. It’s amazing, so colourful! It would be Christmas if this was added.


Yup I love it 😍 ❤️❤️


I love the livery!

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I hope we can get when global flight come

Looks awesome!

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I like it but South African Liveries aren’t my thing. But still like it though

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whats the difference between the-400 and -300 may I ask

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Most differences are of course on the inside. The 747-400 has a completely new 2-person cockpit (as opposed to the 3-crew cockpit on the 747-1/2/300). Other than that: new engines, new interior (I think), extra fuel tanks, and some more smaller modifications. Actually you can say that the 747-300 is just a -200 with a stretched upper deck. The -400 is a completely modernised version of the -300.

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Compared to the average Turbofan-powered Wide-body Commercial Passenger Plane, the Boeing 747-300:
Is $177,000,000 cheaper at $83 million
Has a shorter range by 569 nautical miles at 6,691 nautical miles
Can reach a 3 knot (3 mph) higher max. cruise speed at 490 knots (564 mph)
Is 215,700 lbs heavier at 833,000 lbs
Seats 107 more passengers at 412 passengers

Compared to the average Turbofan-powered Wide-body Commercial Passenger Plane, the Boeing 747-400:
Costs a typical amount at $260 million
Can fly typical distance at 7,260 nautical miles
Can cruise 2,000 ft higher at 45,000 ft
Can reach a 4 knot (5 mph) higher max. cruise speed at 491 knots (565 mph)
Is 257,700 lbs heavier at 875,000 lbs
Seats 111 more passengers at 416 passengers
Is about average in terms of cabin height at 8.33 ft

oh cool thanks

Your welcome

Nice… a bit like the Qantas flying art liveries

Post here the Qantas I wanna see

My home country! Sadly I’ve never seen a SAA 747 since they were retired in 2007 I think but they have some at different airports around Johannesburg. I think I’ve seen the tail. My life

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You asked for it ;-)

All the liveries are here:

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I ❤️ it the second livery B737-800 of Qantas but the first one looks good to .

I saw nalanji dreaming at Avalon airport but it was all just blue because it retired I saw Yananyi dreaming 2 times at Melbourne airport but I still haven’t seen wunala dreaming yet
PS: if your still looking for Yananyi dreaming and wunala dreaming there liviries
Are not there any more there white now just to let ya people know.

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