Sounds mixed up

I like the new sounds but on the airliners when you reach about 88% N1 I can hear propeller aircraft sounds. On the Cessna 208 with idle power I can hear the airliner sounds. Why is this happening?

I can hear it too, but then it goes away when I hit 93% N1

With the Cessna or airliner?

The Airliner

With me inside the cockpit of the airliner it feels like I’m flying a Cessna 208.

To me I feel like I’m in a airliner

It’s just with the sounds.

I feel like flying now. Did you want to together?

Sure, What Region

What region do you like? I’m not picky so you choose. For the aircraft I think a Embrarer (sorry if I spelled it wrong) 175. Did you want to do the radio calls? ( you would do flight of two…)

I would like to fly in a region with ATC though.

How about Southern California, starting at LAX

I’ll Be you F-16 escort

Fly to SAN

Ok I’m going now and to KSAN

And fly back

Call sign Captain Cameron

Start at T4

I’ll do radio calls. See ya. T1 terminal btw

Alright, see u there

What server? I’m going into playground.