Sounds Air Virtual Offical Thread I Brand New Website


Welcome to the Sounds Air Virtual Airline Official Thread

We are based in Wellington, New Zealand and operate all around the Marlborough region and surrounds, connecting the country to the city

If you wish to join us please visit our website and fill out the four question form

We are IFVARB approved

You should be able to use Discord


CEO: @Jacob_Sim
COO: @KiwisFlying

If you would like a staff position please DM me.


Cessna 208 Caravan

Our fleet is very simplistic and easy to manage, when (if) the PC-12 gets added to Infinite Flight our fleet will grow.

Ranking System

The higher your rank the longer routes you can fly see ‘Routes’ to find out what routes the ranks can fly.

Everyone starts out as a First Officer, once you have accumulated 2 day flight hours and 1.5 night hour you will progress to a Captain. Once you have accumulated 5 flight hours total you will then progress to the rank of Senior Captain​.

More is explained about the ranking system on our website


Wellington-Picton (First Officer)
Wellington-Nelson (First Officer)
Wellington-Blenheim (First Officer)
Blenheim-Paraparaumu (First Officer)
Nelson-Paraparaumu (Captain)
Wellington-Wesport (Captain)
Wellington-Taupo (Senior Captain)
Blenheim-Napier (Senior Captain)
Blenheim-Christchurch (Senior Captain)

Charter Routes… coming soon

On our website we have a range of special routes that will be open from time to time, DOUBLE FLIGHT HOURS are earned flying those so be sure to check them out.

Please visit our website to find out more and join this exciting new Virtual Airline

Hope to see you in the kiwi skies.


Looking forward to being apart of the team


I am also ;) can’t wait :)


Are you IFVARB certified? Just kidding! Looks great. Looking forward to see what lies ahead for you guys.


Have you guys been IFVARB approved? There is nothing on the database about it?

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Yeah we have been approved


Ok cool, how come there is nothing on the database stating your approval?? I’m confused lol.

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All I know is we have been approved lol

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@iceblue is working on it @Declan_O


@Declan_O - please read the entire topic next time…

The database will be updated eventually, it’s not something that’s being done every minute.

Move on now.


Ok, I thought it had to be announced on the database before creating the thread. My bad :(

BTW a bit of a typo @Jacob_Sim, it is Official, not Offical, just for your sake.

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Remember you can still join Sounds Air Virtual today, the link below takes you straight to sign up


How many pilots do you currently have @Jacob_Sim? Thinking about joining.

We currently have 5 staff and as well as 5 pilots. Join via our website above

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Thank-you for your congrats. You guys will get there. It all takes blood, sweat and tears.

We are still working on recruiting pilots. We have hosted a recruitment event that helped. So you could maybe set that up if you wanted to?

I think I might just do that, sometime in the next two weeks.

Ok, good luck. Feel free to come visit us at FlyBe anytime :)

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Guys, self advertising… Not necessary.


Hey IFC! COO Connor here

As said above we are hiring for Event Manager, Public Relations & Cheif Pilot! The staff application is below if you wish to apply for a Staff Position! Good Luck everyone!

Staff Application Link: