Sounds Air Virtual Landing Competition/ Recruitment Event @NZPP 232100ZNOV19

Welcome To The Sounds Air Virtual Landing Competition!

Hello everyone and welcome to Sounds Air Virtual’s first landing competition! Today we will be flying into one of the most difficult approaches in our network; Paraparaumu or Kapiti Coast Airport! This airport has mountains on both sides and has a steep approach! I hope you guys enjoy.

How it works?

Paraparaumu has two destinations served by us so you can choose either of those destinations to fly from. Once you reach NZPP there will be two judges from the SVVA staff team which will evaluate your landing on Centerline, smoothness, and touchdown point.


Time: 2019-11-23T21:00:00Z
Server: Expert

Gate Assignments

NZWB (Woodbourne Airport)
Gate User Aircraft SVVA?
Gate 1
Gate 2
Gate 3
Gate 4
Gate 5
Gate 6
NZNS Nelson Airport
Gate User Aircraft SVVA?
Gate 1 @Sashaz55 C208 Yes
Gate 2 @Infinite_Qantas C208 Yes
Gate 3 @AviationJack C208 Yes
Gate 4
Gate 5
Gate 6
Gate 7

When Requesting a gate please provide the aircraft, gate, airport, and if you are in Sounds Air Virtual (SVVA)

Image credit @Infinite_Qantas

Website // Application Form // Instagram // IFC Thread


Prepare for a BOOM

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Which aircraft and airport?

Nelson, and the only aircraft that has a Sounds Air livery

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See you there!

  • AviationJack
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Awesome, I’ll definitely try to beat @Sashaz55


Mhm, we’ll see about that. ;)


It’s on ;)


cool idea!

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I would love to join, but I’m not gonna wake up at 5:00AM 😂

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Sorry everyone but I forgot to say that all SVVA pilots will earn 3X flight time on this event!

  • Sashaz55

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