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Update 11-28-2019: Sounds Air Virtual has shutdown.

  • Staff Team

Sounds Air Virtual is a professional IFVARB approved Virtual Airline operating from New Zealand. We recently have gone through a revamp which is a lot of work and we have not been accepting new pilots for the past couple of weeks. We want to thank @PlaneCrazy for our new logo which really gave us a new look and is one of the best things about our renovation, thanks so much! We also have a new flight logging system which uses Airtable, this is a lot easier for our pilots as our crew center was confusing and would often break down which is not good for pilots wanting to log flights.

We are also introducing weekly internal events created by our staff team! These events will give pilots double flight time and will be a really fun experience for our new pilots to start off. We also will be making public events whenever we can we hope non Sounds Air Virtual will see how special flying around New Zealand and our VA is.

A Message From The CEO:

Hello my name is Sasha and I’m the CEO here at Sounds Air Virtual, I started this VA in late June when the old VA I was a part of got shut down, this was a sad moment for the whole staff team there as we had been working for months trying to get that VA ready and when we had just started it got shut down. I had a idea to do something similar to that VA, a all GA fleet with some beautiful scenery and make some memories. Sounds Air Virtual got approved on September 8th 2019. That was a great day for the whole staff team and we have been going ever since, thanks so much for approving the VA @Thomas_G!


CEO: Vacant, apply here:

@AviationJack and @Sashaz55 will review this.

COO: @AviationJack

Hello! I am Jack, I am 15 years old (about to turn 16🥳)! I have loved Aviation since I was very little, when I found Infinite Flight and IFC, my heart was exploding out of my chest. I have met many great people here and some mean people here. But it has been a great time here either way. I’ve taken breaks here and there. But I know when I am ready, and I am ready! I am so excited to work with such great people. Thank you to @Sashaz55 for this opportunity! And I am so excited to work with you guys! Have a great day and fly safe! ✈️💙

HR Manager: Vacant, contact @AviationJack or @Sashaz55 if you wish to apply for this position.

Checkride Instructor: @JacksonAviation

Hi, my name is Jackson! Ever since I can remember I’ve always been into aviation! Besides that, I’m a huge broadway nerd! I sing for fun and hope to make it professional some day on broadway. I’m getting my pilots license and am going to work for Southwest Airlines when I grow up!

Events Manager: Vacant, contact @AviationJack or @Sashaz55 if you wish to apply for this position.

Slack Moderator @anon23647801

From a very young age I was seen looking from my house as planes one by one would land at JFK airport… it’s been a hobby of mine since I was 4 years old. I found Infinite Flight right after it’s inception and the second it came out I was hooked. I first joined IFC early in 2019 and I can tell you one thing, I’m here to stay. I found this VA being a fun VA with short haul routes in my favorite plane in IF (the C208). Hope you like this VA as much as I do.


Our fleet has just three aircraft! It’s simple but it works!

C208: The workhorse of our fleet, this operates most of our routes.

PC-12 (TBM-930) The PC-12 is the secondary aircraft in our fleet.

C172: The newest addition to our fleet, it can be flown on all routes!


Our ranks are simple and it’s more of a mental goal then unlocking something like other VAs.

0-1 Hours Cadet
1-3 Hours 3rd Officer
4-6 Hours 2nd Officer
6-8 Hours 1st Officer
8-10 Hour Captain
10+ Senior Captain

(We have special profile pictures for our slack if you want them these tell you your grade and name! They are specifically made for you!)


Need to contact us? Look down below for the person is!

User Reason to contact
@Sashaz55 Contact for event sponsorship, open staff position, VA issues, and partnership.
@AviationJack Contact for open staff position, pilot management, VA issues, and complaints.
@JacksonAviation Contact for pilot applications, CheckRides, and recruitment.
@anon23647801 Contact for Slack issues, and Slack Management.

You can also contact us via IFC or email us at


We chose Slack for this VA, it’s very capable and helps a lot!



Thinking about applying to Sounds Air Virtual? Check the requirements below!

-Aged 13 or over
-Grade 3 or above
​-Ability to use Slack app
-Have a good standing on IFC
-Must fly at least once every 3 weeks
-Must have an active IF Pro subscription

Like what you see?

Apply Here!

Logo by @PlaneCrazy, thanks so much!


Very nice thread!

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Beautiful! Welcome back!


Amazing thread! Glad to see y’all back!


Thanks for the kind words @anon41771314 and @Altaria55!

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Very nice thread! Great that you’re back!


Thread looks great guys, glad that I could help. Welcome back and good luck:-)


Thanks @PlaneCrazy @Infinite_Flight_Sims!

We are happy to be back!

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Very happy to see Sounds Air VA back up and running again. Lots of hard work gets put into this VA constantly by the great staff team. Keep up the great work all.


Thanks for pointing that out, I’ll fix it ASAP.

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Nice thread and love the new logo. Funny that everyone in the staff is from the northern hemisphere 😂


We used to have some NZ staff but they left 😔


Amazing thread!

Great to see you guys back again!


So glad that I am the Checkride Instructor for this incredible Va!


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Go sign up for our Landing Competition! It’s gonna be a fun time!

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At Sounds Air Virtual we strive to help you have the best experience
flying around New Zealand. Flying around the lesser known areas of
New Zealand is a great thing about our VA. Sounds Air Virtual Pilots will receive 2x flight time at this event!


Hello everyone. I have some sad news to bring today, I will officially be stepping down from my position of CEO at Sounds Air Virtual. I started the idea of SVVA over 5 months ago, when the VA I was working on got approved but days later, shut down. I didn’t know what to do I had an idea for a similar VA, all GA small, friendly, and fun. That was what I was striving to bring to the VA world, a VA where anyone could feel welcome and happy. I want to thank everyone especially my COO @AviationJack and @JacksonAviation two of the best people in the VA, when we added @anon23647801 as a mod the whole team went back together to start a new VA! It was a great moment, but now my career as CEO must come to a close. We don’t know who will be taking over as CEO but trust me, someone will. One last time:

  • Sashaz55, SVVA001 signing out.

Hello, happy Thanksgiving.

Unfortunately, we’ve decided to shutdown Sounds Air Virtual. More information here:

Thank you for everything!

  • Staff Team, signing out