When i switch to wing view the sound only ckmes out of one speaker but on the left one it comes and goes

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Can we have a bit more information - your device etc?

Galaxy s6 android 7 i tries on two devices same issue

What actually is your issue? The sound only comes out from one speaker?

It as i said the sound isnt good it is annyoning comes and goes very fast like lag

That might just be the sound of the engines - is it with all planes or only GA prop planes?

777 787 basically all

Can you try to attach a video to show us the sound? You can post it and make it private so nobody else can see it and post the link here.

It does this on the 7378 for me how do you fix it?

If your device is using a stereo output, this is normal, as the engine sound is sent to one side. On the left wing, engine sound is sent to the right speaker, and vice versa for the right


Mine does the same on earphones

“I just found a piece of code that might be causing this. As a matter of fact I am pretty sure it is related to this bug as well.
We will investigate this asap and hopefully will have a fix soon”. Phillipe

For graphics or sound issues, a video capture of the problem would help us understand and investigate the issue a lot faster.

If you want us to fix problems, we need to understand what the problem is; there are THOUSANDS of android devices each with very different configurations so we obviously can’t test them all (and we surely don’t have the money to buy them all for testing) help us help you :)


this happens to me too on all but turboprop/piston and quad engine jets, ill try get a video of it now

Ok I am having trouble recording the audio due to google limits. I recorded a video but its hard to hear because it picks everything up instead of the internal audio. I hear it but in reality its not that big of a deal. It sounds more like the audio is based on where the camera is pointed. Like it should be.

  • Fly
  • HUD view sounds normal.
  • Go to Right Wing view.
  • You can hear the sound mainly in the right speaker. If you move the camera around it shifts to the left and back to the right. I think the audio is based on the direction the camera is facing. When I say shift, it never does completely fade to one vs the other.
  • Choose left wing. Same thing. If you turn the camera where you are facing the tail you hear it out of both.

If this is the biggest problem FDS has to solve for then they are doing pretty darn well. The audio is not perfect with the orientation of the camera. I don’t expect it to be.


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