Sound whilst flying

I am flying an A320 and it appears that every 15 seconds the game sound seems to cut out for a second and then comes back.


This is an issue we’ve been made aware of but still need some more information.

What kind of device are you using?
Which operating system and version?

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I pad mini 4 and iOS 12.4
This never happened before the update was released


Are you able to record this and perhaps upload to YouTube & link?

Already finished the flight but if it happens next time I will

i experienced this yesterday. the sound seems cut and i’ve tried to re install,restart,clear cache etc. but idk why it disappear today. so everything seems working normal

I use the same device, but for me the sound has been fine and I often fly the A320, just FYI @schyllberg . iPad mini works great doesn’t it James?

Yes. I can tell you there is nothing wrong with my iPad!

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