Sound when you get a violation

Hey! So, I started a new flight today from CLT to PHX, and as Mark had said in the podcast, I thought that the only speed limit would be 550kts ground speed. So I accelerate to 545kts, and I get to about Nashville, and I realize that I’ve gotten 6 violations since I’ve been in the air, because I haven’t been paying attention to the iPad (I was on NAV.) So I went to grade 1 because there was no noise alerting me to my violations. I know the devs have more important things to attend to, but I think in future updates there should be some type of noise alerting you to your violations, so you can fix whatever you’re doing wrong and not get any more violations. Also, the speed restrictions need to be changed. I don’t know if that can be done without an update or not.

Never EVER go above 350KIAS, planes IRL generally don’t go above 300. Ironically, the 550GS rule has been removed


The 550kts GS rule is no longer in place. It was replaced in global by realistic MMOs for each individual aircraft. I’m positive Mark will post a tutorial about this soon to clear any confusion.


Oh, i know a perfect sound for this: bad word in caps lock


Ah. Gotcha. Thank you. I still think it’s a good idea, but you can close the topic if you want.


Mine topped out at moc .85 and airspeed 305 in 737-9 30,000FT On positive note the nav works to a tee perfect ten out of ten (single player)

Yep, NAV does work well.

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Let’s go ahead and bump this

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You shouldn’t be going at 545 kts at the very beginning of a flight in the first place.
The speed restrictions are fair and realistic, and should not be changed.
I can see how a sound could be convenient, but you should be paying attention to your device when in important stages of your flight. And you should know all the violation/ghosting rules beforehand.
If you don’t have the time for that, fly on Casual or Solo. Not getting my vote. Just isn’t worth it to me.

Maybe the AP turns off for what ever reason and his plane starts plummeting to the ground, there should be something like “You better tend to your plane NOW” or something.

I think this should be in IF assistant and it should say “Slow down Captain” or something like that.

It does not have any personal worth to me.
I don’t want to turn this into an argument. It isn’t worth it to me, therefore I won’t vote.
I’m sure that it would be worth it to other people, and they can vote if they want to. Me being a developer doesn’t have to do with anything. I would not gain anything from this, so I will not remove any votes to vote for this.
Sorry if I was hostile towards you.
And, I would think that these mistakes would happen when you’re taking off, ascending, descending, or landing. And, you should be paying attention to your device when you are in those stages of flight.

(Not requesting your vote) It’s not like I took off and just left it. I stayed with my device until it reached cruising altitude and figured it was probably okay to leave it for 10 minutes to get some lunch. I was wrong, but if there were something that alerted me, I would’ve been able to fix it.

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