Sound when you get a violation and warning

I think it’d be very nice to have some sort of a sound when you get a warning for a violation and a sound for violations. It could be a Master Caution sound, etc.

Why? I usually pur my plane on autopilot and let it fly, but when Approach is vectoring me to an airport, I usually forget to go below 250kts below 10,000ft. As well if you get a text msg from your gf while taxing, and before you know you got yourself 10 violations.


Yep, that would help sometimes. Of course we a l w a y s pay attention, but anyway ;-)


Good idea. Could be really helpful sometimes


I think the old little beep (like the informations in old IF versions)

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Or your mum… #aloneinlife

Yeah, would be a good idea :)


Maybe you can set it so it plays a sound of your choice, or even your own ringtone!


Yes, please!
That would help me out a lot!
I’m using a visual aid and can’t see everything at the same time, so an audio warning would be great!


An innocent bump

Another innocent Bump.

That would be funny to have the latest music hit play when you get a violation lol… but not so good because then people may want to purposely get violations.
Just think… descending into Heathrow and you are above 250 knots and below 10,000 by accident. Then all of a sudden your ringtone starts playing. Pilot get’s distracted and crashes.

It would be pretty funny to hear one of the following ringtones I own:
• A series of airhorns
• Patrick Star saying “Leedle leedle lee”
• A song from Illuminati confirmed videos

I know I’m weird xD


Yeah that would be funny! BTW, @Justin_Gonzalez can tell you so quickly that I am random. So it’s ok:)


What sort of sound exactly?

I think this feature should be added in the next update.

The sound could be a Master Caution sound.

Yes please. Got 2 blind violations because it was keep showing next WPT instead of a warning

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Almost got a violation while taxing because IDK if the warning showed up or not maybe it did but i really doubt …a sound would be much better

That doesn’t sound right…


Haaha i know what that evil mind is thinking haaha maybe it’s time for an edit lol…and there you go @The_simulation_nerd


Currently a victim…just now!back to grade 1 because of lack of this:-[ :-[ :-[ :-[ :-[ :-\ :’( :’( :’( :’(

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