Sound voice alarms!

I wonder how cool it would be in infinit flight, each aircraft having its original voice warning systems, for example: the sound of the aircraft’s voice alarms is the sound of Boeing, both in boeing and Airbus aircraft.
The sound of the Airbus alarms is one of the most beautiful in commercial aircraft.


That would be nice to have!

Do you mean GPWS callouts?

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Absolutly !!!

Hello, this looks like a #features request
I didn’t saw any feature request like this, sounds interesting

But to post in #features, #real-world-aviation and #live:events you have to be TL2
Keep posting and you’ll be there very fast and can create this feature request

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Yes, sistem GPWS!

Feel free to vote here as well:


Yes! Thanks my friend!

No problem, if you have any questions about those Trust Levels feel free to PM someone and he/she will explain it to you :)

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Okay! Very Thanks my brother!

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