Sound suddenly stops when 777 engines are starved of fuel

When the 777 is starved of fuel and the engines shut down, the sound of the engines stop suddenly instead of gradually like in other aircraft.


Maybe your using the throttle lever to fast. After takeoff N1 is only supposed to be around 89% in the green not all the way up to 100%.

I doubt it, as another time I wasn’t using 100% power. This is for demonstration purposes, the sound cuts out when the aircraft runs out of fuel, regardless of power input. The other aircraft have “winding down” sounds, while this does not.

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Okay well here’s the problem: Your fuel is very little. It runs out. You probably only have a minute of fuel and it burns off really quick

I noticed your engines are shutting down after you go to 100%

I think what he is saying is that it should gradually slow to a stop but it just cuts off instantly


I know that. That was my intention. The issue here is the sound cuts out when the engines are starved of fuel. I know they are shutting down, they’re doing so because of a lack of fuel. However, the sound of the engine shouldn’t cut out so fast.

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This all makes no difference. Try it on all the other aircraft. There isn’t a shutdown sound to the engines here.

This has nothing to do with take off N1 setting.

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Does anyone else encounter the same thing?

Seems to work fine with me, but I know what you mean.

I’ll give it another try tomorrow. Goodnight!

The engines have cut off because you don’t have any fuel left (red info at the bottom status bar). All aircraft will cut engines once you run out of fuel, and all sound is also lost as a result

This does seam odd. Let me try if I have the same issue and if so, we can let the devs know about this as it would seam to be a common occurrence then!

Yeah it happend to me. Its weird sound bug

I just tried it on solo and it goes from on to off in light speed fast

Same happened to me when I just tried it. Even does so with different throttle settings so seams to be a “bug” the devs can fix (or it is a feature they forgot to add)!

The cutting off was intentional, the sound is what I made this for

N1 dies

your were probable low on fuel

Just tried it and the same thing happened, seems to be a bug

As stated above, it was intentional