Sound Revolution

I can understand this is a mobile application and it is not easy to implement realistic aircraft sounds into the game. But we have many many reworked aircraft and i think it is time to have a revolution on sounds. I’m choosing new E175, also b737, 747, 787, a320, a340, a350 etc but they all have same sound. I have just three questions: do the equipe think something to do about this issue? Are people happy with current engine sounds? And what we need to have it?

We have old bus engine sounds instead of Airbus engine sounds. We have saw sounds instead of Boeing full power engine sound.

In my opinion, A330 sound is acceptable and b757 sound is very good. But others are still problem.

And i am aware of features. This is not a feature request.


Put this in the features please.

I think Infinite Flight is aware that sounds are a desirable feature for pilots. But have also stated the challenges that having many custom sounds pose for a mobile flight simulator at the moment.