Sound Problem!

Hi guys i have a big problem when i play multiplayer and want to request taxi i cant hear the narrator i mean the woman which speaks that for example runway is clear
My device is samsung galaxy tab 2 SMT710

Welcome to the Community! Try turning your ringer on, or all the way up, this has worked for me in the past :)

If you go off the app while flying then this will happen and the app needs to be restarted also if your device is on mute this will also cause this but this is more to do with apple and not Samsung

Still problem

Please label:

Carrier Version
Infinite Flight Version
What sound? FSX or ATC?

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Maybe turning the atc sound on will help?

My device is samsung galaxy tab 2 SMT710
Idk what is Carrier version
The version of if is the current
The fsx and atc are full

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I had this happen to me a couple of times you just have to restart your device it usually occurs when you close the app … if you are in the middle of a flight you just have to try and and check your messages to see if you receive any calls if not just restart the app or your phone :)

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