Sound problem. No sound effects

Hey there, I am having some issues with if. When I play with headphones I can hear infinite flight sound, like atc, engine sound ,everything but when I plug my headphones out I can’t hear anything the sound just goes off. My device is an iPad Air which works perfectly with other apps like YouTube or Spotify. I hope someone can help. I got the latest iOS and yes I haven’t got it on silent and my volume is max. So it only works with headphones

Maybe your volume was lowered?

Maybe it’s because your iPad is in silent mode. Try switching it off from the little switch on the side of your iPad.

Please make this topic clearer and we need a little bit more info like what iOS are you on ect. Then maybe I can help. Thanks 🙂

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Is that better?

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I have 3 suggestions! Try them in order if the one before it doesn’t fix the problem.

1.Go into IF settings,
Find the audio tab,
Then make sure your SFX volume is all the way up
Then of course make sure your device volumes is on and loud enough for you to hear it!

  1. If this doesn’t work, restart your device.
    Sometimes a simple restart can fix a problem

  2. If that doesn’t work, delete IF from your device then re-install it again from the AppStore

I’ve had this same issue before and I fixed the problem with @Mubashir 's #3 post.

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