Sound Pack

So, as the Embraer family planes are going under a rework I just wanna ask will they get new engine sound pack too or they’ll be like Airbus A220 where there’s no real engine sound ? Also, when is the Airbus A220 sound pack going to get released ?

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I don’t believe anything has been mentioned by the developers about custom sounds. If anyone can dispute this with a source, that’d only confirm that they are working on a custom sound. Otherwise, the default will be used.

I believe that the staff have made mentioned that they have received the sound pack for the A220, though some work is still needed to get it to its finished state. The staff don’t provide detailed timelines, though they seem optimistic that it will come sooner rather than later.


Ahhh…I really hope E-Jets come with a sound pack 🤌🏻 !! Happy at least A220 is getting one…

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First the A333!!!

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A333 already have their own sound pack !!

Nope :)

It’s the 777 one :)

It’s actually the 777 sound pack.

Holly cow…but they sound different !!

No not really. But the A333 is incredibly beautiful :)


Indeed it is beautiful !! But trust me 777 & 333 sound so different !!!

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Hmm…… Okay. But its subjective…

Let’s hope the developers haven’t forgotten the A220 sound pack -_-

I highly doubt they’ve forgotten, but remember that they are currently working on 2 other aircraft, and that it isn’t as simple as just receiving the sound pack and slapping it onto the A220.

Nice 3 month bump, but we’ll ignore that

Given the time they had, I think we could expect the addition of it. But I just wanted to bring it up again as I really want to have it

You should never “expect” anything. Lower your expectations and you’ll always be surprised/ happy when something releases 🙃


Alright, I’ll hope for no E175 then. Given the level of detail on the first livery, I’ll have to lower my expectations to this extent then. Thanks for the tip!

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Only the start-up sound is different, you don’t get the tumbling in the 333

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Apart from the start up noise I’m really not a fan of the GE90 noise, sounds very monotonous and unrealistic, so hopefully we get a better job with the A220

The E175 uses engines from the same family as the A-10. Those would be the best option if they don’t use a new custom sound-pack. If they do use a new sound-pack, the CRJ series should receive it as well as those use the same engines as the Ejets.

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Saying this just shows even you have lost faith