Sound pack for CFM56 engine


The new sound pack for the 777 engines is awesome.

Given that many aircraft in IF have CFM56 engines, it would be awesome to have a sound pack for the CFM56 engine. Thanks.

This would all wrap up into the thread below. 👍 If I’m not mistaken, the default engine sound is for a 737, which is a CFM-56 engine.

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The default airliner jet engine sound in IF was taken from a B767 which doesn’t use the CFM56.

The CFM56 is used on the A320 and B737 families. Given its applicability to many airframes, it would make sense for devs to focus on this engine next for sound improvement.

To quote a staff member.

I see where you may have been confused. Adding realistic engine sounds is a very expensive and time consuming process. I’m honestly happy that the 777 at least sounds similar to an engine that it uses - the GE90.

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