Sound of other Aircraft Engines from inside your plane.

Let me explain. Usually when you are on a taxiway next to a runway in IRL, You can hear other aircrafts engines roaring from inside the plane as they are on takeoff roll or landing. This is a very small feature, but it would add a lot more realism to the game.


Not a bad idea. You figure IF went as far to add cockpit “chatter” from the tires on the pavement during takeoff/landing.

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This would be awesome I love hearing the sound of other planes taking off while my flight is waiting to takeoff


Wait, I can hear other aircraft engines on the taxiway on my device.

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But are you inside the cockpit?

I’m typically always inside the cockpit but I’m not 100% to answer your question. I’ll try it out.

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I’m almost certain you can’t here other aircraft in your cockpit.

Go to 5:24 and you will hear the sound I am talking about as the 767 throttles up.

I meant to post this video yesterday to clarify, my fault.

I connected and tried to get an example but I was far from the RWY. I’ll have to try this again when I’m flying with someone.

thought you could already??