Sound of aircraft brakes

I was flying on the IF of PAUN / PANC and when my aircraft touched the ground I heard the sound of the wheels braking. Has anyone ever noticed this or was it just me?

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I think you hear it when you butter the bread on the landing ;)

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This has been around for a while, and yes, i have noticed it ;)

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I heard the sound with the A319.

no i have never heard it before

For those who aren’t aware, you must use the outside wing cameras (either left or right) in order to hear it. Check it out, it’s pretty cool!


is it like a screeching sound or just a faint hiss

Check it out for yourself. I just showed you how to hear it. ;)

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They’re tire screeching noises not snakes you silly!


no like air brakes hiss-aka sound of air being let out

I can’t even…

@Nathan help him please

I’ve had a change of heart. Jacob we are talking about a flight sim not a truck sim with air brakes


There’s no such thing as “butter the bread”. In aviation you grease a landing. “Butter the bread” is something you’d say as a chef at a restaurant or something. 🙃