I downloaded infinite flight in my iPhone 13. The sound was fine in my first game but now out of a sudden, the sound isn’t working anymore like I opened other videos in my phone and the sound was working perfectly it’s just when I open infinite flight there is literally no sound although I checked the audio sittings several times.

Kindly assist. Thank you


Infinite Flight is not considered a prioritized audio source (unlike videos, YT, Spotify etc), so if your device is muted the app will be too.
Check the mute switch on the top left side of your device :)

Like what schyllberg said, Youtube and Spotify is supposed to make sound even when the device is muted while infinite flight (and most other simulators) are not a priority for audio. I would say muting simulators is a good feature as planes do tend to be loud

Once I spawn, I leave IF app to copy flight plan, when I come cack into the game, there’s no sound too.
Simply switch to the background app page, then enter IF again, this should help.

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