Sound not Working

Hello everyone!
For some reason my sound does not work. It works when I put earphones in, but does not work when I don’t. Is there anything I can do to fix this?

Hi there!
What device are you using for Infinite Flight?

And just make sure to double-check that your device isn’t muted as that’ll mute Infinite Flight’s sound :)
For example, if you’re on an iPhone; try switching the switch on the left hand side of your phone so “Silent Mode” is off & see if it makes any difference


Hi! I’m using an iphone XR. I always turn on Silent Mode. Is that the reason why?

Most likely. If you try turning it off, does the sound from Infinite Flight resume? That’ll confirm it.

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Have you tried moving the switch on the left of your phone (above the louder/lower volume switches) on and off (had a similar issue with some apps recently and it always solved it)?

It works. Thank you all.

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