Sound Not Working

Hi everyone, hope you are well. I have just come to check on my flight and there is no sound available. My device is not muted and I have my SFX turned to full. This is the second time it has happened and I don’t know why so if anyone can help me that would be appreciated.


Try a device/app restart, if you haven’t already done that.

This can happen if you have apps running in the background and if you are going back and fourth between them. Was this the case?

It happened to me just exit the game and open it again, If it doesn’t work try restarting the device

I haven’t been on an app since before the flight started and I have no other apps open at the minute.

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Oh okay, so then your bet is just to exit the game and re-enter, I know that’s a pain if your in a flight but it will fix it :)

Hello, This can happen with background app refreshes … meaning say that your playing music while flying and then you pause the music and unplug headphones / earphones the device bugs out controlling the signals which is the reason the audio doesn’t transmit through IF… nothing to do with IF just to do with your overall device , and the fix is very simple:

  • Close Infinite Flight and open it back up again and your sounds should be fine! Hope this helped 👍

Ok thanks will do that

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