Sound not working

I have a problem because when I play IF multiplayer my SFX sound stops working after some ATC messages or after a few minutes. My sound still works in single-player. I tried different things, for example reinstalling the app or rebooting my phone.
My phone is on iOS 13 public beta 4. can anyone help me out?


This is a known issue with iOS 13.
Unfortunately not something we can fix right now as it’s still in Beta and due to additional changes. When iOS 13 public build approaches, we will look into this, see if it’s still an issue and address accordingly.


AS we have said in many previous topics over the past few days - the sound is known to not work with the IOS Beta versions due to Infinite Flight not supporting Beta versions of IOS.

In future, I recommend not using the beta versions.

Not sure why you feel the need to repeat what I’ve already said.

We do not advise against using Beta versions, not at all. But everyone should be aware of the risks that comes with it.


Thank you! then i wil downgrade back to iOS 12.3.