Sound not working right

I am approaching Phoenix right now, and all I can hear is the ATC sounds, but not the engine sounds. Has anyone experienced this and is there a solution?

I just turn my device off and turn it back on. Possibly disconnects you for 3 seconds but it works.

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Ok I will try that!

@Kamryn I tried that and it didn’t work for me.

Thanks for trying to help though, I really appreciate it!

Did you receive a phone call or exit the app accidentally?

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Ahh yes, I did receive a phone call.

That is the reason if you recieved a phone call it would disconnect you

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Yea, thats the main cause. Again, I usually do the device turnoff and it works. But I really don’t know. For future reference, I usually just turn on “Do not Disturb” for flights.

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Ok, that’s a good idea!

Thank you!

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