Sound not working after overnight

I just kind of got up after crossing 13 hours and 21 minutes on an overnight, and my infinite flight sound isn’t working. I’m still able to hear air traffic control, but no plane sounds are working. Is there a way to fix this?

Maybe try and go to the app settings turn off the game volume the turn it back on

I tried that already, it didn’t work

Turn the device off and turn it back on, sounds should be back :)

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Won’t that quit my flight then?

Hello, this is already happening for me, without closing the application in the first place, try to go to the menu of your phone/tablet and then come back.

Nope, just possibly disconnect for for 3-5 seconds

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It’s probably a sound glitch. For now, I’d just finish the long haul.

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It worked, thank you

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Yep! No problem! Butter / Grease that landing!

Thank you!

Just wanted to note, that I had this issue a few days ago too

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