Sound not working after calls during flight

I was in the air when I got a call and I declined it but returned to IF and the sound was not working. I checked the volume, the ringtone mute button, and the game setting and it was supposed to be on. I contacted tower and could hear that but not my aircraft noises. I know I could restart the app but it was during a flight which you cannot restart during.

I’m on a 7th gen iPad, All updates to iOS and IF app.

It happens to me as well, but just the engine sounds stop, the ATC is still working. I don’t know how to stop this, i just go without engine sounds till i land

Maybe turn on Do not Disturb while you are flying. See if this helps? (:

It happened to me as well, but I couldn’t hear any ATC commands.

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I could test that later. It’s still a bug that needs to get reported.

It may have something to do with your device too though. Just make sure first ok?

Happens to ATC controls as well.

Quick fix, go into your options menu and change your ATC audio, when it does the “test message” audio, it brings back the regular audio typically.

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That sounds like a solution to me lol

As ATC it doesn’t work for me
Only as pilot

Leaving the app and coming back in usually works fine for me! (:

Like closing it or just leaving for a second?

Yup! (Word limit)

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