Sound mistake detected

So what does this have to do with sound?

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I’ll try to upload photos instead but it doesn’t show the sound:(

I can’t upload my video that showed sound errors

Upload the video to YouTube and paste the link.


Ok I’ll try to do that

So if theres no sound, and your reporting a sound error, doesn’t that seem a bit pointless?


I will try to upload the video

Try uploading it via the YouTube app.

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I have it. Does it require wifi?

Yes it does.

Oh okay. I’m using cellular data now. I’ll try it when I get home:)

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So you all see sound differences? Between two cameras?

That’s not an issue, the sound is relative to your position with the engine.


There isn’t any sound error

This is not a mistake or issue. Sure, there is a slight difference in the sounds between the camera views, but that is to be expected as the camera views are not the identicals.

No I tested the position. It’s the same error. I tried to make further distances with normal cam and do it exactly like free cam and still has sound differences. You know what I’m talking about?

You may check your messages now:)