Sound lagging

I am departing soon. Just joined a server and I hear the atc and sound affects are gittering. It’s like It has hic ups. I restarted the iPad, tied lowering graphics, nothing works

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I said I did restart

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Is this occurring in other applications?

It has been Occurring for some time but after restart it normally went away

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Strange. My old device still works well. Is this also occurring with headphones / earphones on?

I have just reloaded the iPad
Looks like it’s fine for now

Good. But might happen again as you mentioned. I’d recommend a device restart before starting every flight.

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So far I have never made a single long haul flight. The sim always crashed on final approach
This is my third attempt at KLAX—>EGLL

What type of iPad model are you using?

2018 got is not that long ago

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  • As you mentioned above, set the graphics to the lowest possible. Set airplane count to NONE, lower audio by a little and disable anti-aliasing.

  • Another possibility is to clear storage and reinstall Infinite Flight in order to avoid app crashes.

  • I might also recommend using headphones in case audio muffling happens again.

On the other side, the staff may help you out with further information or correct me in this case. This is not a common issue to my experience. Good luck with your flight and hopefully you won’t receive any audio issues again. Just let us know if it does happen again.

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Thanks you
Will do)

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I was on final, captured the ILS and the sim crashed.

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