Sound Issues on Different Camera Modes

Please watch the video first⤴️.

This is one of my first flights in a while, i’m recently getting back into Infinite Flight. I’m not sure if there was an update on this, but whenever your plane flies away from here, you can still hear sounds as if your in the cockpit of the plane. Is this supposed to be wind?

Some things that may be useful…
Device: iPhone XS Max
OS: IOS 12.3.1
Airplane: Boeing 737-900
Region: California (LAX/SFO)

Thank you!!


Yes, it’s ambient sound. It’s been in the app for a few versions now :)

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Huh. I don’t remember ever seeing an update like that. I’m used to complete silence. Thank you!

This isn’t at all an “issue”. An aircraft will never sound the same inside as it will on the outside, it was most likely done purposely to add realism.

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Turn up the volume on the ground… ;)


It came with the TBM update (18.5).

There’s something else when you’re on the ground as well, as @Trio mentioned.

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Yikes it’s been a while ahaha. Thank you so much for the help guys/gals.

It’s also dependent on the METAR so go to a very windy airport to get a crazy wind sound.

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That’s actually really cool. Man these small details make me wanna get into this way more like i used to.

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