Sound Issue

I lost sound on approach to Zürich on my iPad Pro 11” (2018). Any ideas how to fix it?


I lost my whole sound after take off @ LSZH. Never happened before 🤷🏽‍♂️

@NYFLFlyer22 has had the sound issue before on his iPad but this is the first time for me

Makes it a pain trying to be told where to go by approach LOL

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Try saying something to ATC. I have this happened numerous times and it is usually after I exit the app while there is audio playing from the sim. Usually a quick message to ATC or a Unicom gets the audio back.

If not, you could try to turn airplane-mode or your internet connection off-on again. I don’t know if this works though as I usually get my audio fixed after a quick message to IFATC/Unicom


No it didn’t fix after contacting ATC. I’ll try the on off thing

Nope it didn’t work

Do you have any bluetooth audio devices connected?

Try disconnecting them if you do…

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Nope, Bluetooth is off as well

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Also, if you could provide more info as to when the audio was lost. Like did you exit the app or was it all of a sudden?

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All of a sudden

Did you get a pop up notification, or a phone call during your fight?

Do you also k ow if you potentially got ghosted?

Hey @Pajd02,

A crude workaround I use is the following.

Settings > Live > Default Voice — Here, change the voice. You can set it back to whichever you want after.

This works presuming your device isn’t silenced, you haven’t got a Bluetooth audio connected which is the issue, etcetera.

Try my rudimentary fix and get back to us.



No I didn’t. I am still flying and there are other aircraft around

Try the recommendation @patrick made above and see if it works

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That didn’t work either

Had the same problem today while at approach into Zurich. First the ATC sound was gone, and afterwards that started working again and the aircraft sounds stopped, it felt like the engine stopped, all of sudden everything was muted except for the ATC instructions.

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I messaged the controller and let him know my sound issue. Because I have to physically see the ATC button light up

Now my ATC is messing up. I try switching frequencies and it just flashes and doesn’t press

I would honestly recommend you end the flight at this point. I would try to redo it later after restarting the device

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