Sound Issue

Ive had it happen 3 times now on mu 2018 iPad Pro that all of a sudden while i am flying the sound just disappears. No external, aircraft, or ATC sound appears on the iPad. The sound however is recorded when I go into playback and I can hear the sound. Any idea what is causing it and how to resolve?


Did your ringer by chance get turned off? Happened to me for the longest time and couldn’t figure it out.


Read this for more info

Hello Steven!
Binary’s linked article can be helpful, but I’m not sure if it was you are looking for. Did you exit the app at all before the audio disappeared? Did you connect wireless headphones?


Nope all of a sudden as ATC was giving commands it just cut out and could no longer hear any noise. No ringer or DND settings active

Wi-fi didn’t disconnect or anything like that? And just to clarify, you weren’t using wireless headphones, correct?

No to neither.

Very weird, did a device restart fix anything?

Actually all I have to do is totally close the app and restart the game and it begins producing sound just fine again.

I have experienced the same issue couple of times recently on my iPad pro where TTS automatically gets cut off. You dont need to restart, just go to settings > audio and you’ll find that ATC volume is set to zero. Increase the volume and you’re good to go. I haven’t been able to reproduce this issue though. And neither do I remember if this was caused by a notification.

Thanks I will keep this in mind and check if it happens again. No issues this morning flying into VHHH

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