Sound Issue on Long Haul Flights


I have been having a sound issue when doing long haul flights. I usually mute the flight when doing long haul (like when I do it overnight) and then when about to go back to it, I put the sound on full but nothing comes out. Other apps work perfectly but for some reason IF does not give me sound.

Any help?

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Did you go into the audio setting in IF to see if the SFX sound is turned up?

Do you turn your device on silent before you sleep? If you do, make sure to turn that off when you’re at your device again.

Silent is kept off as well. I even try to turn it on and off and doesn’t work either.

The SFX is kept at max always. I even go out of the app to try Spotify and I can hear songs perfectly but when going back to IF nothing :(

Seen a few topics about this.
Is this on iOS or Android?

Hi! It’s iOS and it’s happened after 20.1 update.

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