Sound goes off during mid-flight

Hello folks, I am reporting to you about the sound that went off mid flight. I was enroute on Cathay Pacific Flight 251 from Hong Kong to London Heathrow and less than three hours from London Heathrow airport, I lost sound. I would like to know how I could get the sound to come back. Thank You

happens to me too sometimes

Had this similar situation a couple times. I’ve had the ATC volume mute itself. (In-coming and out-going) Checked the audio volume was set to max. I found that testing the “pilot voice” in the settings fixed it. Hope this helps!

Happened to me before, but all I do is recalibrate it and that should work if not back out of the app and back in quickly that does not effect the flight and most likely will work again.

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Well I tried backing out the app, like closing the app and opening it again multiple times. I didn’t quickly close and reopen, I powered off the iPad and turned back on and infinite flight and the sound didn’t come back on. Then I tried multiple options to see if the sound will come back and again, no sound came back. Therefore, wound up landing the plane in LHR without sound and successfully arriving at the gate. I didn’t wanna restart the game cuz then obviously, I will lose flight.

This may sound stupid, but is silent mode on? It’s a little switch on the side of Apple devices that is quite easy to misclick.

My iPad don’t have that. I have an iPad mini 6 and it doesn’t have a silent mode, which is the little switch that is located on the side of the device. For example, my iPhone 6S have a silent mode, the little switch on the left side, top corner

Your iPad will still have a silent mode. Try opening the control centre and looking at the bell icon. If it is red then the device is on silent mode.

Silent mode off:

Silent mode on:

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Oh ok, thank you @Elliot_003. Next time I experience that, I will go there and see if the silence mode is on to turn off and see if sound will come back. This topic can be closed now

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