Sound glitch

I just updated to IOS 12.2 and now when I used infinite flight the sound randomly stops working and when I try to turn the volume up all it says is ringer please help
UPDATE: only the ATC sound works for some reason

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Maybe go to the Settings app then Sounds and Haptics and then disable ‘Change with Buttons’ under Ringer and Alerts. And in IF maybe clear scenery cache (idk how that helps) and maybe even reinstall it. Hopefully it should fix

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Ok mi iPad has had a lot of glitches now like it can’t screen record for some reason aswell

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oh wow I think you;d need to clear the RAM and restart the iPad if you havent already. If it’s a prolonged issue I wont be able to help you sadly

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These are really common issues in Apple devices. Just restart your device like @PocketRishi said. Also make sure to reinstall Infinite Flight if this issue continues. And also,

  • What device do you have?
  • How much storage do you have left?
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iOS also just released a new update into our devices. The new version 12.2 May seem to have a few issues or so if possible. But that is unknown. I may check that somewhere today.

Have you gone into settings on IF and checked to see if the SFX volume etc are up as whenever I start a flight for some reason the ATC audio is muted and I have to go into settings and manually change it every flight :/ hope this helps 👊🏻👍🏻 Ps make sure the iPad isnt in mute mode. A trick I used years ago with my iPhone was to keep putting the headphones jax in and out as it could be a glitch the iPad needs switching back into volume mode. Thanks 👊🏻

Reinstall or reopen IF? That worked for me beforr

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