Sound disappearing

Yes ik this was a problem in the past but i thought or well assumed it was patched. I got a call at the beginning of my flight then my sound disappeared meaning i wont be able to hear the violation warning noise either. I wasnt by my phone because i was doing something else but i was still close enough where i would of been able to hear the game. I got 4 or 5 speed violations because of this. If i was able to hear the beeps i would of slowed the plane down but i didnt hear it because of this glitch that should be fixed by now happened and i didnt hear the beeps. Four or five violations within two minutes after an hour out of a 2 hour flight…shouldnt this be fixed by now :/


U should put this In support

Im not asking for support this is just a comment

Oh sry lol

you should try to turn your ringer off then on to fix it, sometimes works

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I did but it didnt work

Hey Levi,

Phone calls and other various notifications (phone calls significantly, though) can cause the app to lose sound, and in this case, you got unlucky. In the future, I’d use another device (if able) to take a call to be safe about it. This is not solely an Infinite Flight issue or glitch, as it’s common for other apps and games to lose audio after a phone call (it’s happened to me before). As for the violations, I wouldn’t blame it entirely on the lack of sound, because in reality, you should be monitoring your device during critical stages of flight. Don’t rely on the violation warning beeps before slowing down; use this experience as a way of learning for next time.

In short, these things happen when you do things off to the side such as taking a phone call, and unfortunately, it didn’t end well. However, as with any violation instance, learn from it and improve for next time.


I get what ur saying but it was cruise and it was urgent so it wasnt a critical stage at that point and as for other devices i dont have another for calls but thanks for the explanation

Yes, I understand some calls are urgent, but eventually, once you’re descending, I think it’s important to be monitoring your device at all times during this crucial stage of flight, not only for speed, but for potential conflicts and if applicable, ATC communications.

Alternatively, you could slow down earlier just to be on the safe side of things. If you need assistance with a resource such as a speed chart to use when descending, let me know and I can send it to you.

As i said it was cruise it wasnt crucial but yes i wont mind if u pm me the chart…thanks :)

hello, I hope you had a great day, if you are looking for a solution , all you have to do is exit the app enter it again instantly , your flight will stay and the sound will comeback,

thanks and enjoy!!!

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I don’t know if that’s the case with you, but I found that Bluetooth headphones can cause this to happen. Dis- and reconnecting them or playing without them fixed such an issue for me.

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Yeah i had airpods on

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