Sound development

Why the Infinite Flight development team didn’t spend time working on aircraft sounds since the 757 launch? A330-Neo, A220… they have such peculiar sound… the airplane models have been improved each update, but they stopped with the engine sounds…


Hello! I would also love sounds but they aren’t able to do it at the moment. Please go here for information.

Thx to bring me this. However it still not an answer… lol. It is what it is.

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The simple answer is that technical issues and time for it.

Um… How is that not an answer??? Jason says in his post that they are not doing new aircraft sounds due to technical issues and time constraints with it. Pretty sure that is a pretty direct answer. The Infinite Flight Development Team can’t work on everything at once. They have to pick and choose what to develop at any given point in time.

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Jason is being very direct with the community and transparent.

Im just curious how would you consider a “answer?”

I’m not mad or anything I’m just curious?


As Jason said, Infinite Flight team has priorities. They prioritized things.

Quality over quantity

They are focused on reworks and giving good quality reworked aircraft.

The custom engine sounds are only a very small percentage of making the flight experience more realistic.


Most of us probably don’t have the full volume on when flying, so we don’t listen to the engine sounds anyway

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